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Kevin Shaffer

Hello and thank you for visiting my website(s). I am passionate about a lot and honestly even the 3 sites here don’t cover it all! I have been a custom installer for over 10 years and that is where Kevtek started.

Kevtek AV

Kevtek AV will keep you up to date with various tech products including items I own and see in action to products that I have heard about and can recommend based on previous experience with the company’s products. This could be anything from TVs, projectors, smart phones, smart home technology, security cameras and much more.

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HiFi Guy NC

HifiGuyNC is my newest venture and something I have been excited about for a while and look forward to growing along with the industry. Its focus is on high end 2-channel consumer listening so think speakers, integrated amps, DACs, CD players, turntables, cables and more. Because I have a tech background I pick up fairly quickly on design and intricacies in electronics.
I like to believe this helps me in not just selling something to my clients but showing them how to use it and enjoy the product to its fullest extent. While I will be the first to admit I do not and cannot know everything about every product, I am quick to learn and then translate that back to you the customer.

Gatefold Jacket

Gatefold Jacket started with a sleeve I created for gatefold record albums. It was something that seemed
like a simple need at the time, and I worked with a local company to get the product designed and had a few produced overseas. I know I’m not the only person who wants to open an album and appreciate the art or story, but also keep it protected. When you think about Gatefold Jacket, think retro vinyl. I plan to expand this website with turntable reviews, related products, furniture for sale and possibly more. I am excited about this venture as it is also something I am passionate about.

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